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What is the classification for Kramer's unfiltered, honest character?
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4 votes

I'd say he's an innocent savant, comparable to Rain Man. Kramer, like the Benigni character in Down by Law, doesn't possess intelligence per se, but an uncanny knack for living well and relating in ...

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Why was Roger Ebert considered one of the greatest film critics?
3 votes

This answer will add to/repeat some of what's above. Although Roger Ebert's fame has been more enduring, they were "Siskel and Ebert" at the time. They were talented, smart critics, but the key ...

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Why the movie titled "Babylon A.D."?
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Science fiction appeals because of the mind-expanding quality, bizarre and unexpected scenarios in plausible ways. This often includes disorientation re: space and time, for example, in Planet of the ...

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Why didn't Jason kill his last victim?
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The movie is about the perils of the transition into adulthood, with its greater responsibilities. It doesn't seem like the Voorhees are necessarily motivated by taking more victims: even Mrs. ...

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