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What is the best order to watch LotR/Hobbit franchise?
13 votes

Watch them in release order. It is true that The Hobbit series happens chronologically before the LotR series and that there are some characters that are in both, which can lead to some spoilers: ...

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Who is Mr. Gold in the movie Revolver?
12 votes

From the Wikipedia page on the movie: Sam Gold is seen to be the 'king' in this chess game of gang warfare. He is the ultimate figure that all men are supposedly aspiring to be. Sam Gold is ...

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How could Buzz come to know about Al's Toy Barn?
Accepted answer
12 votes

It is common for people with vanity license plates to remove vowels in order to create longer phrases that fit on the plate. In this case: LZ = als TY = toy BRN = barn

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Fake currency used in movies - trouble?
7 votes

The buy/rent the fake money from prop shops. This fake money has to pass legal requirements of not duplicating the image exactly among other restrictions (making it easy to spot as non-authentic if ...

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Will there be any more seasons of "Prison Break"?
6 votes

No. The the show is over and there are no plans for a season 5.

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Why would Mike need a part time job as a PI for Saul?
4 votes

The only reason he would 'need' a job working for Goodman would be because it provides him with a legal income source. This allows him to 'hide in plain sight' like Mr. White and Mr. Fring do. Him ...

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How does Neal Caffrey make a living?
0 votes

Neil gets a $700 monthly budget from the FBI. When Neal is released from prison to work with the FBI, he is given a seedy motel room the FBI rented for him. Agent Burke explains that Neal's ...

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