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What was Mann's motivation?
4 votes

Because Cooper wanted to go back to earth once he realised that they weren't meant to save earth, but save mankind from extinction. Mann realised this and wanted to stop him as he thought there was ...

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Why were there no interrogation scenes with Jack and Henley?
4 votes

Each person among the four horsemen had an area of expertise. Daniel and Merritt had their area of expertise in manipulation and psychology (mentalism) while those of jack and henley were stealing and ...

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Was the revenge justified?
6 votes

Well that is the whole point of the movie. The antagonist wanted to make him what he felt once. He wanted Oh Dae su to live life knowing of his incest. It makes no difference whether this is ...

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Why would the Joker have half of the money?
9 votes

Well if you go back to the original scene where the Joker met with the mob bosses for the first time, the conversations were the following : It is simply we kill the batman If it so simple ...

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What is the genre of movies with multiple interrelated plots called?
Accepted answer
8 votes

The answer is hyperlink cinema . Here is the link of movies at imdb . It is exactly defined as hyperlink cinema as films where the characters or action reside in separate stories, but a ...

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