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What does the intro of Nocturnal Animals mean?
7 votes

I think that the opening scene is there to make this powerful contrast between the women that are nothing that our society expects them to be but are truly happy, joyful, celebrating and enjoying ...

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How did they talk to MacLaren for so long after stopping him from falling?
3 votes

Catija assumed right. In the meantime Season3 was released and gave us some more insight. At one point in Season3, McLaren (Traveler 3468) mentions that his host would've bled out in the elevator ...

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Where did the disease come from and why did it disappear?
Accepted answer
2 votes

No explanation of the origins of blindness was given in the book. Quoting from this Wikipedia article: Blindness is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone ...

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Whose voice was on the phone in I'm Thinking Of Ending Things?
2 votes

What we can safely say is that the voice is definitely the janitor's (old Jake). And it does seem that the very title of the movie "I'm thinking of ending things" is pointing to Jake's ...

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What effect does the non linear narrative of Mr.Nobody give?
0 votes

Well, for me personally, it is more interesting to follow a movie that deviates from the normal linear timeline, jumps back and forth in time. It makes me more curious about the story line, more ...

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