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What is the name of a sound track in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3
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9 votes

The name of the background score is called House of Black and White Skip forward to 2:57 for this particular track

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Meaning and influence of the tip at the end of Men In Black 3?
5 votes

Griffin has the power to see the future in different outcomes i.e he sees almost all the possible future events which is yet to happen. So in the end scene he saw one of the future event where K does ...

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What was the first movie to have an animal protagonist?
3 votes

I cant say whether this movie is the first, but definitely old. A Dog's Love (1914) IMDB link of this movie Source for this answer: wikipedia NOTE:If you are not satisfied with this answer, do go ...

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Why does the Machine remember everything?
1 votes

Imagine you having access to hundreds of books and the ability to read and understand them all in a matter of minutes. But, here is a cliche, you forget everything you have read. This might be the ...

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