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35 votes

How do they film scenes with the actors driving in a car?

21 votes

How do they film "flying human" scenes?

21 votes

Why do many movie titles differ between the U.S. and the UK?

18 votes

How do they film minors smoking?

16 votes

Why was Roger Ebert considered one of the greatest film critics?

16 votes

Show recorded in front of public: how does it work?

15 votes

In Swordfish, did they really fly a bus underneath a helicopter in downtown LA?

7 votes

How do TV shows with live audience manage special effect scenes?

5 votes

What techniques are used by directors to make an actor cry?

4 votes

How was the tracking shot in Frenzy done?

3 votes

Why was there no narration in The Hunger Games?

1 vote

Walking around someone who is moving in Slow Motion?

0 votes

How do movie makers get people to watch a movie many times?

-1 votes

Were old TV shows routinely sped up for some reason?