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Why was the movie titled Inception?
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The technique is specifically named in the film, as the literal meaning of the word matches well with it. Following is a dialogue from early in the film, for reference: COBB: What do you want from us?...

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Why did Frank Castle save the kid during the robbery?
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The earlier conversation between "Pete" (Frank Castle/the Punisher's alias) and Donny established that Donny is working to support his family, in particular his grandmother. Frank has also ...

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Why did "The Tinker" have a cart of knives?
5 votes

That's part of what tinkers do: fix knives. The cart's most obvious contents are the knives due to both their size and the way they are stored. In particular, the cleavers are the kind of knife to be ...

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Are the gates to upside-down still open after the end of Stranger Things S1?
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The first episode of Stranger Things 2, MADMAX, is set approximately 11 months after the end of Stranger Things. In it we are shown that the original portal (or "the Gate") is still open. Further,

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