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89 votes

Why doesn't "Ralph Breaks the Internet" have "wreck" in the title?

37 votes

What was the significance of Spider-Man: Far From Home being an MCU Phase 3 film instead of a Phase 4 film?

34 votes

When did Phineas and Ferb do nothing?

29 votes

Why did they pick the title 'Tangled'?

18 votes

Why did Dumbledore move the mirror to the chamber where the Philosopher's Stone was?

17 votes

Why isn't there Hogwarts without Hagrid?

11 votes

How and when did Voldemort hide the Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw in Hogwarts?

5 votes

Why was Rapunzel with long hair?

3 votes

What is the inspiration for Ducky Momo?

2 votes

Why does Graves want to find an Obscurial so badly?

1 vote

Episode From Old Sci-fi TV Series