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Why didn't the Justice League care about the MotherBox which flies away after reviving him?
10 votes

The other answers are good but don't seem to directly address one of your questions: Wasn't protecting it the reason why they revived superman? No, they revived Superman to defeat because they ...

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How could Isildur cut Sauron's finger?
Accepted answer
8 votes

But at that time, Sauron was very powerful because of his wearing the Ring. The One Ring did not make Sauron stronger; he simply poured his spirit and malice and will to dominate into it; think of it ...

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How to prepare for The Mandalorian?
4 votes

Keep in mind only a few episodes have been released so far, so any answers may need to be updated to suggest more necessary reading/viewing if any subsequent episodes make additional/substantial ...

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Why would playing the role of Jesus Christ damage the actor's career?
0 votes

It's the people, not the role. Jim Caviezel only plays one type of guy: dour, serious. Look at his performances in Count of Monte Cristo or Person of Interest. In those works, as well as in The ...

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How does Cooper get out of the black hole?
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As far as I know, nothing can get out of a black hole, as it has extremely high gravity. (emphasis mine) That is the key; Cooper in the movie postulates that the tesseract of memories was created by ...

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