Rainbow Dash

I play video games (Don't we all? Well, no, but we probably should.), and then answer and ask questions here on Arqade.

I occasionally play Minecraft. And others. Yeah, I'm very specific about my profile text.

Once in a blue moon, I update my profile.

And work on building Arqade. In Minecraft. It's a long story. Again, I'm very specific. Yay.

Now I'm bored. Bai!

Or at least I hope you're leaving. There's no real point in staying here for more than a few minutes.

New update: I've had a lot of work to do, and I haven't been on StackExchange for a year or so. I won't be on here very often, but I may answer an occasional question or two. So, no, I'm not just another person who abandoned their account. Actually, I kinda am. But I'm back now!

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