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How did the cars get inverted in Tenet?
5 votes

The mystery is solved, at least as far as the Saab is concerned. There's a car in the red (non-inverted) side of the turnstyle facility at the end of the car chase. We never get a good look at it, but ...

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Was Priya helping Sator?
5 votes

MovieMe's answer is correct, but there is another big aspect to it as well. Basically the entirety of Tenet's plan is about making Sator believe that he's won. The idea is that if Sator didn't get the ...

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What would an observer see when someone goes through the Turnstile in Tenet?
3 votes

We do actually see this in the movie at least once, but in reverse: the first time we see a turnstile in operation, two black-clad figures suddenly walk out of it, even though it was empty before. ...

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How does Sator get the algorithm after the car chase?
Accepted answer
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This is a self-answer, because after watching the film a couple more times I think I've figured it out. The thing that I didn't notice the first few times I watched the movie is that after Sator ...

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