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What is Gilligan's full name?
31 votes

"Gilligan Whitehead" might be his name, according to another's of Sherwood Schwartz's TV shows. Gilligan’s Name (Wikipedia) At the end of A Very Brady Sequel, a movie based on The Brady Bunch ...

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Do you have to be well versed in Mighty Mouse to understand Andy Kaufman's infamous SNL skit?
1 votes

You don't need to know anything about MM, but... cultural context always helps in humor. In this case, it's that that MM was an American 1950s hero cartoon, and thus had a suitably heroic song. He ...

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Was Fat Ass, the character from Shawshank Redemption, actually innocent?
0 votes

I presumed that either (a) he plea bargained to get into an easier prison, but (for whatever reason) was sent to do hard time in the state prison, or (b) his crime was white collar and his lawyer said ...

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