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Why does Borden want to change the knot used in the trick?
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I think one of the twin brother is not good at tying the knot, which is evident as said by Cutter: "Some nights you just can't get it, can you? If that knot slips when Julia's on the hoist she'll ...

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How does Dexter handle the logistics of his murders?
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One of the famous quotes of Season 6: "Most of the people here don't have two rolls of duct tape, 80 yards of plastic sheeting and a surgical saw in their trunk." - Dexter. Dexter's car trunk can ...

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Is it possible to tell who is who in each scene?
13 votes

In some scenes : Yes. The only way we can differentiate these two people is by who they loved. One of them loved Sarah and the other Olivia. At the scene where Sarah tells Borden (the one who ...

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Why did this character in Prometheus kill without apparent reason?
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The Alien you are saying is actually an "Engineer" and they developed the so called "parasite plague" to end the planet earth (which they created in the first place). If you remember the alien or ...

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What was the motivation behind the Engineers actions in Prometheus?
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Engineers never expected humans to come anywhere closer to their technology. They are afraid that if human race is left as it is humans might conquer the Engineer's world in future. So they plan to ...

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