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Why is the TV show titled "Game of Thrones" and not "A Song of Ice and Fire?"
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36 votes

A Song of Ice and Fire really sounds quite fantasy-ish, whereas Game of Thrones sounds medieval and more suitable for a show. Also, the name 'Game of Thrones' gives more information about what will ...

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Does James Cameron work with/for NASA?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Yes he does work with NASA, Since 2005, see this article for more infos: Two years ago, not long after the Columbia accident claimed the lives of seven astronauts, Cameron attended his first ...

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Is this a mistake in The Imitation Game?
1 votes

I think your calculations are wrong, here is why; in your quote it says "All we had to do was try each one. But if we had 10 men checking one setting a minute" with that said, it means that we put 10 ...

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An American TV series about human-like aliens
0 votes

Could it be Roswell it is an American science fiction television series, debuted on October 6, 1999. it was about a human/alien hybrids, sent here to complete their destiny, a destiny given to them ...

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You will never walk again, Bran... but you will fly
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Thanks to all of you for answering my question. Reading your responses and doing some research on the internet, I came up with a personal theory about what the three-eyed crow meant by his saying ...

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