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37 votes

Why are Frozen's Elsa and Anna excluded from the Disney Princesses franchise?

20 votes

How do they make tattoos in movies?

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Why do M4 guns appear in Stranger Things?

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Would the Post Office really deliver a letter decades after postage like in Back To The Future?

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Why is Batman's name placed before Superman's in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

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Why didn't Dr. Strange create a portal to cut off Thanos' hand?

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Why is Bran hiding details from the other Starks?

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If everyone uses replicator, why do tailors still exist?

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How did Ripley not age after 57 years of floating in space?

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Why did Cally get blown out of the airlock?

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Was Dani's role meant to be a big reveal?

1 vote

Why was the New Orleans flag altered in NCIS New Orleans?

1 vote

Has there ever been a TV show VHS/DVD/bluray/4K release in THX?

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Why wasn't Kaffee charged?