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Entrepreneur software developer with a keen interest in game development. Believes in simplicity to the point of eliminating features, finds joy in trying to write the cleanest, most efficient code humanly possible. Advocate of Unit Testing (NUnit, googletest), Dependency Injection (Ninject, hypodermic) and Continuous Integration (Jenkins).

Once trod the Microsoft path (C++ using COM w/ATL also WinAPI w/WTL, C# using WPF w/MVVM also XNA) but abandoned Microsoft when Microsoft abandoned their platforms and started talking "cloud-first, mobile-first."

Now sailing onwards with Open Source, using Gentoo Linux, C++'14 and Emscripten.

Outside of tech, one of the few people in the civilized world who have never had a cell phone or Facebook account. Wrote a novel. Endurance sports addicst. Tries to become good at drawing. Secularist, rationalist, enemy of all religions, part-time Luddite.

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