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Why was the incident involving Sonny so over the top?
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18 votes

This had been slightly puzzling me for a long while but (having not read the book) I believe I've worked it out. As much as a hothead Sonny was, the plotters didn't expect him to fly off the handle to ...

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Why does Ramsay Snow engineer a sham escape?
5 votes

This is difficult to say for sure, as the same event doesn't occur in the books, but judging the TV episodes entirely on their own the motive seemed to be twofold. First, Ramsay is doing it for ...

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How did they put the horse head into Woltz's bed?
2 votes

In universe: I always assumed that both Woltz and the horse had been at some stage drugged. It would be very difficult to hide a horse's head in someone's bed without waking them up, or to neatly saw ...

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What happened to the Dothraki loyal to Daenerys?
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The show is inconsistent with their numbers. Episode 7 of Season 2 she seemed to be down to a single Dothraki (Kovarro). She later has at least a couple of dozen when sailing for Astapor, later still ...

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