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Chomsky rules!

I have MS and have been non-ambulatory for the past 5 years. I believe it is essential to have at least one clearly defined and worthy adversary. I've managed to define a couple. MS is one of those. Ignorance is another.

Just so you know, and more importantly, just so I know that you know (keeps me honest), I'm a product of the white, blue-collar, Deep South. I dropped out of high school, married and gave birth, before I was seventeen. It's traditional, y'all.

I'm also a poet.

The definitions found in the lexicons of the linguists, the syntactical structures of the scholars, are but cultural artifacts, the ossified bones upon which living poets reconstruct the sanguine tissues of a vigorous, feral language. Poets create what academics study, and poets--at least those who still draw breath-- are always arch iconoclasts.

"Valar Morghulis"

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