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How does the button mechanism work?
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9 votes

As mentioned at the beginning of the movie, the button mechanism has been constructed as a device of unknown purpose and its design specifications were confirmed by Mars project. However we can assume ...

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What is the secret ending of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?
4 votes

There is a super secret ending which contains a guide on how to download a playable copy of Nohzdyve for the ZX Spectrum. In order to get this ending, take the following path: Sugar puffs, ...

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Ending of Mr. Nobody
2 votes

All the possibilities were the attempts to find the correct decision to his impossible choice, following each choice to its conclusion. They were figments in the mind of the 9-year-old Nemo at the ...

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What is the significance of water coffins scene?
2 votes

The scene is significant in terms of testing the free will of the test subjects as described in Plate 37-40 (which was part of classified CIA documents) which is what the whole movie was about (...

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What did Lucy mean by "We never really die"?
1 votes

She talks about our consciousness (a state of awareness, a state of matter) that is immortal and it never dies after death. She proves that at the end of the movie by ascending into heaven (higher ...

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