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What caused and ended the time loop in Groundhog Day?
30 votes

If you take the movie as allegory this question — and the movie — become sublime. While I like wbogacz's and DVK's answers very much, I humbly suggest they are incomplete. It's about more than ...

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What is the meaning of the "fly scene" in Breaking Bad?
26 votes

I think it's about little things escalating to big things. The episode starts with Walt noticing .14% of each batch coming up short. He's detected Jesse's skimming but doesn't know it yet. The fly ...

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Why does the eye surgeon help Anderton
Accepted answer
25 votes

Great sample of the dialog by the way, between Anderton and Dr. Solomon Eddie at IMDB. While the doctor was describing his experience in prison, his um difficulties in the shower, notice something? ...

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Why was it better to abandon the boat?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Can horses outrun a boat? That plot point does seem to hinge on this question. Apparently the boat served as at least a temporary escape and could not be immediately followed by horseback pursuers, ...

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Why was Tyra so worried about college in season 1?
1 votes

Two of my daughters have graduated high school and both times I heard strong emphasis from guidance counselors that the 11th grade is the time to start researching and selecting colleges. Somewhere I ...

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