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Shicheng Guo
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Shicheng Guo, Ph.D. candidate(2009-2014), School of Life Sciences, Fudan University. His supervisors are Li Jin, Jiucun Wang and Momiao Xiong(uthealth). The realm which he focus on now is computational biology and medical statistics including: manifold kinds of microarray analysis, meta-analysis, genome-wide SNP, RNA, Methylation, CNV analysis based on next generation sequencing technology. In the past three years, he had participated in series of attractive research( Yan-Huang methylome project, and participated in publishing several interesting papers( Nature Biotechnology, Plos Biology et al) and two Chinese patents. Specially, in clinical field, he want to explore some high sensitive and specific diagnosis and prognosis biomarkers for some complex disease such as immune diseases, cancer. And then establish some high accuracy disease prediction models so that doctors can make more felicitous decision to his/her patients. 5 years Perl , R usage exprience under Ubuntu system and skilled text minning operation ensure that he can make deeply data or text analysis in biology or medical family or disease data.

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