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Are movie production companies hiring people to rate their movies on IMDB?
9 votes

It's difficult to say who's hiring, but I know at least one source where people are offering. I would guess fiverr is more for the amateurs. Big movie studios generate enough buzz on their own to ...

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Whose corpse is in the grave towards the end of The Woman in Black?
Accepted answer
6 votes

The child's mother. The reason Arthur went through all that trouble was to reunite the two since her ghost was possessing/killing all the children. Also, Arthur's son was on his way to town. He'd ...

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Why was Brandon denied entry to the night club?
5 votes

What establishment was he trying to enter? The name of the club was "Score": Going by the urban dictionary definition and Brandon's choices before and after the bouncer's refusal of entry, I have a ...

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