Owner of Athames.com Metaphysical Wholesalers and Crates' Media Collective.

I'm the de facto CTO of FranSuite, a venture built and owned by PwC, one of the "Big 4" advisory firms.

I have an international retail business I built from scratch which has 37500 fans on Facebook, as well as an independent record label, a clothing manufacturing company, an event production company that rents stages, lights and sound equipment to music festivals and parties all around the northeast US, and a media development and marketing firm that does websites, apps and advertising.

I do a lot of music production, and I'm writing a book on building and running agile development teams across oceans.

I'm working on a non-profit to try and address the disparity of burden placed on lowest-income citizens as a result of climate change (a phenomenon termed "climate gap"). I'm also working on a productivity / organization / life management app called VieDay (View and Improve Every Detail About Yourself: V.I.E.D.A.Y.; also from "vie", to struggle towards superiority).

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