When you buy DVD (or VHS, or BluRay, or LaserDisc, or BetaMax, or VCD) in the United States, they come with an anti-piracy warning. You aren't supposed to copy or redistribute the product you purchased.


I saw this question asked on the English SE (reproduced accepted answer below as a quote) which indicates that "Whelm" is simply no longer in use. In terms of Young Justice, it's likely meant as a joke/throwaway line to draw attention to an oddity of language rather than anything majorly significant. Whelm is labeled as "archaic" in NOAD, as it has ...


In the United States, it is extremely common for home video releases (laserdisc, videotape, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) to include an anti-piracy warning before the main feature.


Blue Devil Rocket Icon Rocket is Icon's sidekick/protégé, and she later joins the Young Justice team full time. Icon is shown and has speaking roles a few times. Blue Devil didn't have any use throughout the first two seasons.


In the canon to the TV series Young Justice tie in comic #2, the happy harbor hideout, previously home to the Justice League, was attacked by the Joker. Connor was alone in the Cave after the Young Justice team moved in, and was infected by some mind altering object. This caused him to hallucinate that there was green monkeys with jet packs, related to the ...


The computer says Private Jason Bard USMC The time code in the episode is 11:55 seconds (or there about). - http://watchcartoonsonline.eu/watch/young-justice-season-1-episode-16-failsafe/ Jason Bard is actually a recurring character in the DC universe dating back to the 1960s, so he isn't a reference to Jason Bourne. Jason Bard appears in the Young ...


Station Eight - Ask Greg has a few tidbits. It is possible they turned him down because he was in a coma until very recently. Asker: How long has Guy Gardner been active as a Green Lantern? Greg: Well, this is more complicated. Guy first became a Green Lantern seven years before Team Year Zero. Then came the coma. Guy then emerged from his coma in ...


Guy Gardner... is an asshole. And hates batman. And doesn't play well with anyone. Not to say he isn't a good guy, or loveable, but really, he's a jerk with anger issues. Quick to through a punch.


They illustrate Dick Grayson as so young to emphasize what being Robin has done to him. He's 13 but acts much older. He's been matured by experience, jaded in some aspects. They drive this point home in the episode where the Justice League is debating YJ role in this universe. Paraphrasing, Wonder Women calls Batman out for child endangerment, "You made ...


They wanted to create their own show. Series co-creator Greg Weisman talked about how they wanted to do something different with Young Justice which wasn't Teen Titans 90s Young Justice, or JLU. We were going to reset the DC Universe and start young with everyone under 16... We went through something like 50 dc teen heroes to build a team... Tried to ...


Tula/Aquagirl You've seen memorial holograms for Jason Todd/Robin and Tula/Aquagirl. - Station Eight - Ask Greg Her death is mentioned in S2E3 "Alienated", mentioned around 14:08. Superboy: None of us wanted to believe this! How could you betray us? Aqualad: You dare question me? After all of you let Tula die! Nightwing: Kaldur that was a ...


https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whelm Whelm is an olde Englyshe verb meaning "to cover" or "overturn". It has fallen out of use in modern linguistics.

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