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Is the "Watchmen" TV series a continuation of the movie or the comics?

The series' creator has "explained" this in a letter: We have no desire to “adapt” the twelve issues Mr. Moore and Mr. Gibbons created thirty years ago. Those issues are sacred ground and they will ...
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Does 'Watchmen (2009)' have more versions than any other movie?

No Like dna says in their comment - three versions of a movie isn't all that unusual - especially if the movie is older, or there was some contention in the creation of the movie between the director ...
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Gerard Butler in the Watchmen?

Found in the IMDB trivia: Zack Snyder wanted to cast his 300 (2006) star Gerard Butler in this film and even promised him a role. When all the roles were cast and Butler didn't have one, Snyder ...
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Is the "Watchmen" TV series a continuation of the movie or the comics?

It is following the 1986 Watchmen comics, not the 2009 movie adaption. As the word-of-god answer was already given, here is how you can figure this out on your own by just watching the series. The ...
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Is the scene with the girl putting a flower in a soldier's rifle's muzzle a reference to a specific event?

The reference is clearly referring to to widespread trope of "peaceful protesters against the Vietnam war putting flowers in guns" (as @user7812 suggests in their answer through the trope is wider ...
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Was Rorschach suicidal?

At the end he begs Dr. Manhatten to kill him. Does he? Rorschach and Nite Owl are two sides of the same character root inspiration - Batman (not discussing the Charleton characters here) Nite Owl ...
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Was Rorschach suicidal?

The movie, due to time limitations, does not show all the conversations between Rorschach and the psychiatrist. Rorschach dislikes him because he keeps calling him Walter Kovaks. The doctor tries to ...
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What exactly is this crystal thing on Mars in Watchmen (2009)?

Manhattan built it so that he'd have somewhere to sit and contemplate his existence. The script refers to it as his 'palace', noting its watch-like composition. BACK TO: The pink glass structure on ...
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What are these medicines in the Comedian last fight shot?

Answer for question 2: Do the medicines have any connection to Dr. Manhattan's cancer? I start with this question, because here we know the answer from the comic and the movie. It is certain that ...
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