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Why did WOPR switch sides?

WOPR was trying to provoke the actual USA into launching its real missiles to win the game. The WOPR system was trying to win the war by faking an attack. Then, the USA would attack first and win, ...
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Why did WOPR switch sides?

That means the WOPR took the side of the USA. No. I dispute that WOPR "took sides". It only had control of the USA's missiles so sides wasn't an had to use the USA's arsenal/systems ...
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Did the writers intend to suggest Captain Lawson was a pacifist at heart?

There is quite of bit of room between being a pacifist and being unwilling to participate in the death of several hundred million people simply because you've been ordered to. One might be a dedicated ...
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How would the WOPR super computer ("Joshua") in War Games compare with modern computers?

Well, the only real mention of WOPR/Joshua's capabilities come from the sequel, WarGames:The Dead Code. Once he and the main kid character come across the mothballed/in hiding WOPR, Dr. Falken ...
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