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Is the time loop on the cruise ship a second timeline in Triangle?

I thought it might help to explain just the mechanics of the events on board the Aeolus a bit to clear up what's happening. I am loosely following this video analysis by Peng Yang, though I think I ...
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Why did she throw this tap valve?

It is not explicitly said in the movies, but judging from the situation and her body language, it looks like she is trying to distract the masked killer. More specifically, the point seems to be to ...
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Why doesn't it show many Taxi Drivers waiting at the harbour?

He may have given up, or might be a mythological figure from the underworld. It's possible that the driver assumed she was going to go up to the boat, talk to people, then come back. So far, we have ...
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Why doesn't it show many Taxi Drivers waiting at the harbour?

That's a good question, and possibly a detail the writer chose to omit as it would have caused too much suspicion. On the other hand, many of the details were slightly different during the loop. ...
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Why did Jess write "Go to theater" again?

This movie shows the endless looping, which started when she killed Tommy and herself in a car accident. Here I am using numbers to denote the revolution. first revolution In the first revolution, ...
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