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Are Transformers robots?

The Transformers are "self-configuring sentient modular extraterrestrial robotic lifeforms", originating from the planet Cybertron. They are powered by 'Energon', a source of energy ubiquitous on the ...
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What happened to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) after Transformers 3?

Answer for it is given indirectly in 5th film of the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight. Spoilers ahead From At one point in The Last Knight, #AnthonyHopkins's character, Sir ...
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What are circle logs?

I'd guess it's nothing more or less than Technobabble First popularised in Star Trek, this has gone on to be the pseudo-technical waffle used to explain things the writers don't really want to have to ...
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How did Optimus Prime know that Sam was a spy?

Perhaps Optimus sensed the energon present in his vicinity. Or it might be the case the plan was only made for the autobots, optimus was unsure of putting his trust in the human race and thus decided ...
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Why is Cybertron larger than earth?

Update: As stated in the episode One Shall Rise, Part 1 of Prime, Primus merged with the existing planet Cybertron after he and the thirteen defeated Unicron. The size of Earth and size of Cybertron ...
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How did Optimus Prime know that Sam was a spy?

In the movie before the take-off, Sam said in his "last" conversation with Optimus that no "HUMANS" were listening. Indicating that the decepticons were listening and not triggering the decepticon ...
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How did Megatron learn English?

Remember how the original primes communicated with Sam in english, although they were dead a LONG time ago (and even the fallen-one and the ancient decepticon-turned-autobot) who all predate WWW etc. ...
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How do Transformers die?

The complete and utter lack of consistency in death within a story (besides being a Micheal Bay movie) is the common trope of “Plot Armour” Sometimes referred to as "Script Immunity" or a "...
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What are circle logs?

Sounds like 'secure logs', which makes more sense than circle logs I have seen scripts but they might just be transcribed rather than actual shooting scripts. but then there is this: from this: ...
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What is the deal with the "universal greeting" in Transformers: The Movie?

I can only find wiki references to the greeting. The universal greeting is used as a means to express good will toward alien beings when a language barrier is present. However, it does not always ...
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What are circle logs?

For an in-universe explanation, you could argue that the government agency created their own technology to monitor activity and named it "Circle Log." See also Not Invented Here
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What happened to the other Autobots?

Well... There are lot of bots in there and I cannot remember each and every one of them. So I try to provide some insight on the names you mentioned and what I can find about them. Sideswipe WikiIn ...
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Why did Optimus Prime and his team still leave Cybertron after eliminating the AllSpark threat?

Now that the War for Cybertron trilogy has ended I can answer these questions (in some degree). Prime probably knew that moving the AllSpark away from Cybertron would have a negative effect. Therefor ...
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How did Bumblebee destroy Dropkick so easily?

Right before Bumblebee pulls the chains, theres a few seconds showing the chains tighten around key parts of Dropkicks body. You can see the chain fasten around key joints such as the knees, and ...
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Which clue KSI have to make Transformer : Transformers Age of Extinction

This is explained at Wikipedia Infiltrating KSI’s headquarters in Chicago, Cade discovers the murdered Autobots are being melted down and their bodies used for making manmade Transformer drones. ...
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Why could only a Prime defeat the Fallen?

Well, The Fallen himself was once a Prime. Optimus is the only Prime left although he is not as strong as his ancestors, and that is why when he came back, he needed Jetfire's parts to defeat The ...
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