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How was the three-breast effect done for the prostitute?

It was a large chest plate An interview with Lycia Naff describes the process: All three mammary glands are fake. In fact, the prosthetic is a large chest plate that starts at the neck and goes down ...
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Was Quaid's dream planted?

As a direct (opinion) answer to the question: probably yes, but Cohaagen didn't have to. A different way to ask the question would be What exactly was Cohaagen's plan regarding how he gets Quaid (not ...
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Is the dream ambiguity in Total Recall broken in the machine failure scene?

According to the director it is not. During his directors commentary for the film, Paul Verhoven goes to great lengths to demonstrate his maintenance of the parallel plot device and does indeed cite ...
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Why is quarrying stone done by hand?

It's obvious that life on Mars is difficult. Terrorist attacks, lack of jobs and an evil group of people controlling things are just some of the plight that the citizens face. While @Luciano's ...
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Why did Benny question Quaid's decision to go to the Last Resort?

Benny needs to: Know for sure that Quaid is headed to Last Resort for his mission and not to have a good time. Earn his trust, so he plays a friendly, talkative and helpful cab driver. Suggesting to ...
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Why is quarrying stone done by hand?

Humans are like this: rich people get better lives than poor people, they can pay for better quality of life. Poor people have to work on whatever they get their hands on, because there's lots of ...
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