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4 scenes from Total Recall: original vs. remake

First of all, you cannot really expect the remake to capture the cult factor of the original. In 2012 you can't expect this movie to be the hilarious "Verhoeveny" 80s/90s Arnie vehicle that ...
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Why does Quaid shoot the soldier that frees him?

Though your consfusion is understandable (since most of them are wearing masks and the scene is pretty fast), you looked at the wrong soldier. Look again. One of the soldiers (Hammond) is the ...
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How was the three-breast effect done for the prostitute?

It was a large chest plate An interview with Lycia Naff describes the process: All three mammary glands are fake. In fact, the prosthetic is a large chest plate that starts at the neck and goes down ...
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Where is the Fall located in the Colony in Total Recall (2012)?

The graphic at the start of the film indicates the entire continent of Australia has effectively become one major city, with the entrance to The Fall coming out in the heart of the continent so likely ...
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Why is it always raining in Total Recall?

Any chemical-warfare disaster that could kill off the majority of earth's population could easily have included nuclear bombs or some other disaster that could affect the weather. Or, whatever efforts ...
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