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What does the coin flipping before dying mean?

There is an earlier movie that may well have inspired that scene: 1932's Scarface George Raft was famous for flipping a coin in Scarface: Raft's big break came when cast as the second lead, ...
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How called episode of Tom & Jerry about mice that survived after nuclear war?

This is the cartoon Good Will To Men(1955). It was directed By William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The production team was the same team responsible for the Tom and Jerry cartoons although Tom and Jerry ...
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Why do Tom and Jerry wave their hands vertically?

This is listed by Wikipedia as a "common" type of wave: Another common wave is to raise one's hand and repeatedly move the fingers downward toward the palm. Wikipedia also seems to suggest ...
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Meaning / interpretation of weird Tom & Jerry scene?

They're satirizing Hollywood and Hollywood producers by depicting them as a bizarre, Freemason-like cult that takes its orders from the devil. In the scene, a Hollywood producer (in the blue suit) is ...
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Why didn't they make series for Tom and Jerry from the start?

Because Tom and Jerry wasn't created for Television, they were short movies intended for movie theaters, to accompany a main feature film. They were first produced long before television ownership was ...
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What was the reason behind no more new episodes for Tom and Jerry?

It didn't stop. A new series premiered in 2014, with a second season released this year: The Tom and Jerry Show is a 2014 American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation ...
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Why doesn't Spike know Jerry in Puttin' On the Dog?

Every episode has to be reasonably self-contained. You never know what order people will see them in. These cartoons weren't designed to be shown once on TV and never seen again, they were to cycle ...
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Why didn't they make series for Tom and Jerry from the start?

Tom and Jerry were expensive to make (about $50,000 an episode, and also required a lot of work from a small group of people to draw every frame. Only 140 or so Tom and Jerry shorts were produced in ...
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