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What language is the text on Jinx's shirt in Titans season 4 episode 3 "Jinx"?

I'm afraid the changeable nature of Arabic letters lead the other answer to look for a translation, where this is actually a transliteration, i.e. the Arabic spelling that would be pronounced (roughly)...
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Why is Cyborg in Doom Patrol instead of Titans?

Screenrant explains the change and connections, suggesting that Cyborg fits thematically in couple of ways, is connected to Doom Patrol in a secondary way, and believes his presence will help attract ...
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Does Titans TV serial share the same universe as other DC TV serials?

Not yet In the words of Marc Guggenheim himself: “Great question, again, above my pay grade,” Guggenheim replied. “I will say this, the one thing I’ve learned is 'never say never.' I could not ...
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Why have Doom Patrol and Titans been broken up into separate continuities?

They have never been in the same continuity. Most people assume that they share the same continuity, and particularly that the Doom Patrol episode of the first season of Titans is a backdoor pilot. ...
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Why is the Titans tower not T-shaped in the Titans TV show on DC Universe?

Because that's what the showrunners/producers wanted. One of the decisions made early on involved abandoning the traditional T-shaped building design for one that blends into the San Francisco ...
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Did they reuse Titans scene for Crisis?

From Inverse The Titans cameo in “Crisis” was just two recycled shots of its actors edited to make it look like the Anti-Monitor’s waves were killing them. The shots were reused from the series’ ...
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Who was the nitrogenised girl?

The patient's name is Shyleen Lao. She is DC superheroine Fever. According to wikipedia, she appeared in Doom Patrol (in 2001, volume 3 #1 (her first appearance)) Teen Titans (#59) Terror Titans (#1, ...
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What is the nature of the Nuclear Family?

As I understood it from the series alone - no knowledge from other resources - they are normal humans, which at first are brain washed (just like the organisation tries with Dick). After they are "...
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Does Titans TV serial share the same universe as other DC TV serials?

In the Arrowverse newest crossover they were depicted as alternate earth in the multiverse, not the same reality as the Flash, Arrow on other CW shows.
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