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There are 2 different timelines at play here. Let's call Marty1 the Marty that we know and love. He goes to the past and creates timeline 2 and changes a bunch of things which are now part of a new timeline. People from his timeline now are not the same and may not even exist. Which is why the people in the picture are disappearing. Luckily Marty1 doesn't ...


It's a plot hole, but one you shouldn't look too deeply into. There is no Marty1 & Marty2, there is a single Marty. It's convenient, though, to use them as placeholders for which timeline we're talking about. What you think of as Marty1, who comes back 10 minutes early to see his former self as Marty2 simply cannot happen [or might be extremely unlikely],...


As you say, Marty - let;s call him Marty1 - returns 10 minutes before he left, just in time to see all the events play out as from the start of the movie. However, despite the fact that what he sees matches the start of the movie, what we soon find out is that the timeline that he has returned to is a very different timeline from the one that he left. In ...


Marty that traveled to the past arrives back in his originating time to see himself time travel, but that Marty doesn't travel again, he wakes up the next day at the end of Back to the Future. He is not the Marty in the Delereon dissappearing to 1955 he is the Marty watching.

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