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What does the Hungarian burn victim shout at Jack Baer?

Partial, as I'm still looking, but I did find this: ...what you'll currently find on the web -- via wiki answers, imdb, etc. -- is based on ...
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Why does Dean Keaton give up so quickly?

I agree with you on that point LevenTrek. Just because Kent tells a story with false names doesn't make the story itself false. The bodies would probably back that up. But the entire story is ...
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Conspiracy or miraculous coincidence in The usual suspects

All I can think is that you are suffering from some form of Apophenia Apophenia is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. The term was coined by ...
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Why did Verbal get legal immunity?

I think the real reason Verbal got immunity is because he (as Keyser Sose) has bribed the district attorney and/or other people with the power to grant the immunity, to facilitate Verbal's release ...
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Why did Verbal get legal immunity?

Your question contains the answer within its own contradiction; Why did Verbal get immunity when he was clearly involved in the crime? If he hadn't been involved in the crime, why would he need ...
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What was the money in the van for?

The money was for buying Arturro Marquez A gang of Hungarians had arranged to purchase Arturro Marquez (Castulo Guerra), a man who could identify and incriminate Keyser Söze. Agent Kujan (Chazz ...
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Why does Dean Keaton give up so quickly?

Here's a story about a real coke bust on a ship: After months of drug busts, Coast Guard unloads 26 tons of cocaine OK, this is $715 Million worth of cocaine. In the film's case we "only" have ...
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Alternate conclusions of The Usual Suspects

I have a theory that the real Keyser Soze is none of the five Suspects, but actually Kobayashi (or at least, the person Verbal talks about as Kobayashi and who is played by Pete Postlethwaite). The ...
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