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A third possibility, not mentioned above, is that Voldemort is simply good at reading people. While I'm not sure how much made it into the movies, but the original narrative of Deathly Hallows indicates that, even before he was introduced to magic, Tim Riddle was very talented at reading and manipulating his fellow orphans. It may have been Legilimency ...


You see, Dumbledore saved Harry at the last moment. In the book, Voldemort also tried to get inside Harry's body, but the reason he couldn't was because Harry's Mother's sacrifice.


Did some soul part got stuck inside Harry that hurt him? No, not during the events of Philosopher's Stone. Note that the scene plays out differently in the book. In the book, Harry passes out while he is still struggling with Quirrell, due to an unbearable pain in his scar, and Voldemort's soul makes no attempt to possess him. Harry likely suffered that ...

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