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What kind of special effect did Alfred Hitchcock use in this scene for "The Lady Vanishes"?

It's done using a prismatic kaleidoscope filter over the lens, known as a multi-image filter. They were very popular in the 60s & 70s for 'flower power/drugs/music video' type shots, often ...
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How was this scene from "The Lady Vanishes" shot?

It's a matte shot (Wikipedia) according to SlantMagazine. Early examples of Hitchcock’s trademarks abound in both films: mistaken identities, match editing, imaginative tight-quarters shooting—...
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Did the actor Wylie Watson play the role of waiter in The Lady Vanishes?

IMDb doesn't list Wylie Watson as any character in The Lady Vanishes. Therefore, you must be confusing that waiter on the train with Wylie Watson. Nor he is mentioned in this cast list from the movie....
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