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It looks like she was in the book -- I confused the characters (of which there are rather a lot in the book). Apparently she survived Fredo:


Roth had played Frankie against Michael with a feigned assassination attempt, as he knew Frankie was angry at Michael for banning him from moving against the Rosato brothers. This got Frankie scared enough for his life to break omerta by talking to the FBI. This act itself already means he is dead from the perspective of any of the mafia families, and could ...


You must recall that the historical events in The Godfather 2 are an expansion of very brief details provided in the original novel. There is no great backstory to the relationship between Genco and Vito provided other than Genco was Vito best friend. Even the theatre scene is made up of whole cloth and does not exist in the original novel. It's purpose is ...

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