It took a bit of digging - but it turned out that the most reliable source was the Expendables Wiki, which claims that the final body count was 489.


These are the lyrics of the team hymn: Beware, Beware, Walk With Care Careful what You Do Or Mumbo Jumbo's Gonna Hoodoo You, Mumbo Jumbo Is Gonna Hoodoo You, Boomlay, Boomlay, Boomlay, Boom! It's a military cadence based on the 1912 Vachel Lindsay's poem "The Congo" (available here).


The bullets and rockets didn't come from "everywhere". If you watch the clip, Booker (aka Norris) is walking out from a cloud of smoke. if you recall, there was a building just behind that smoke. You can tell because the car he walks out from behind can be seen at 1:20 in the clip below. So, it's very possible (probable) that he was on the roof of the ...


Well Barney owed Church because Church wanted the control of the island back. The island produces cocain and is used by the CIA (maybe to gain money from it and finance black operations). In "The Expendables 1" Barney kills Munroe who previously killed the general. Munroe was a EX-CIA Agent. Besides the fact that Barney kills Munroe (who may have cooperated ...

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