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Why does Luke leave the wampa’s cave?

Four reasons: The wampa might not have been alone (remember, the Rebels didn't know much about life on the planet, having only recently arrived, and Luke likely would have had no idea if wampas were ...
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Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

In his earlier conversation with Emperor, he says that either Luke will join us or die. VADER If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally. EMPEROR ...
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Luke's failure at the cave

Luke's failure in the cave was his fear. He was afraid of what he might find so he took his light saber with him to fight what he might encounter - despite Yoda having told him that he would only ...
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Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

It's possible Vader did save Luke. When Luke lets go, he doesn't fall straight down: INT. REACTOR SHAFT Suddenly Luke is sucked into an exhaust pipe in the side of the shaft. When Vader sees ...
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Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

I submit that it appears to be very difficult , perhaps impossible, for a force user to directly affect the physical person of another force user. We see force users strike each other with ...
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Luke's failure at the cave

After thinking, rewatching the scene, and considering the comments, I've heavily edited my answer. Luke's improper actions: Yoda told him he would not need his weapons, but he took them inside anyway ...
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Why did Han shoot at Vader?

Most rebels would recognize Darth Vader in the same way that many WWII soldiers would have recognized Hitler, even though they never saw him in the flesh. Photos and verbal descriptions would be ...
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Meaning of Mark Hamill's "I am your father" line from The Flash

Mark Hamill was picked for the role of the Trickster, because he previously played the Trickster, In the original Flash 1990 CBS Live Action Series. He also voiced the role of the Trickster, in ...
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Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

Why would he? He want Luke to willingly became his apprentice. When Luke decide to fall it's a sign that he maybe don't want to do that. So DV assume that he may die in the process of falling. And if ...
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What role Bob Anderson did play, Imperial or Rebel?

The Wikipedia article is mistaken. He played Trey Callum, the "the Rebel trench officer who first reports to Echo Base the sighting of AT-ATs during the opening stages of the Battle of Hoth" (...
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Was the twist in The Empire Strikes Back leaked to the public before the movie's release?

No. Until the first screening, no one knew what was coming other than George Lucas, Mark Hamil, James Earl Jones, and Irving Kirschner. My father told me that when they saw it in theaters, you could ...
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Luke's failure at the cave

I feel Luke's failure is his impatience. Yoda: If you end your training now, if you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil. We see it when Luke obstinately ...
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Luke's failure at the cave

Emphasis is his "Failure" stemmed from the lesson. Do not rely on your dark impulses to confront evil
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Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

There are many possible answers, as can easily be seen from the many replies here offering many reasonable possibilities. So it's mainly a matter of speculation. I think in the end the "real" answer ...
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Empire Strikes Back - Scene in Dagobah with Darth Vader

Shortly before entering the cave, Luke asks Yoda: "What's in there?" Yoda replies: "Only what you take with you." Luke begins to strap on his weapons and Yoda says, "Your weapons. You will not need ...
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