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How much bounty is on Riddick's head?

It was 1.5 million. From IMDB: When Riddick meets Tombs face to face, he asks what the bounty on his head is priced at. Tombs first lies and says a million but is coaxed into telling the truth ...
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Is there an official name for Lord Marshal's unique moves?

It is part of the Soulpower: ability to detach his soul from his body, granting him super speed, by means of his soul quickly moving to a different place and his body following it almost in an ...
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Are there multiple versions and what are the differences?

Yes There is an extended Unrated Director's cut which is 14+ minutes longer Director David N. Twohy had to re-cut his stylish science-fiction movie for the theatrical release. The changes are as ...
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How did Riddick kill Lord Marshal Zhylaw?

He wasn't choosing die...he was clearly evading Vaako's weapon while trying to reach for the discarded spear he pulled from his back. Unfortunately for him, when he got there, Riddick was in the way ...
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Visual fuzziness of Necromonger actions/ships

It seems that for the fuzziness, it was simply a decision in style made by the visual effects producers, in order to maintain the visual style of Pitch Black (The first movie of the Riddick series), ...
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