Use this tag for questions which directly relate to the Swedish/Danish TV show "The Bridge", (also known as "Bron/Broen") a joint production by SVT and DR. If using this tag to ask a question about one of the numerous remakes, please make clear in the question which specific remake is being discussed.

This tag should be used for questions about the plot, characters, and production of the Swedish/Danish television show known as "The Bridge" in English, as "Bron" in Swedish, and as "Broen" in Danish.

The Bridge was a joint production by Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television and Danish broadcaster DR and the dialogue is spoken in Swedish, Danish, and occasionally in English and other languages. The show has run for four series, and it is believed that no further series will be made.

The main focus of the show is the Swedish police detective Saga Norén, played by Swedish actress Sofia Helin. The theme of each series is the hunt for serial killers who murder by grim means, with the investigators forced to work across the Swedish/Danish border, frequently crossing the Öresund Bridge which joins the two countries.

There is an official site (in Swedish), though be warned that this may contain spoilers.

Due to the popularity of the original Scandinavian show, "The Bridge" has spawned remakes which are set in UK/France, US/Mexico, and Russia/Estonia.

To avoid confusion, when using this tag to ask a question about a remake of "The Bridge" please make sure to state which version of the show is being discussed.

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