The Bourne Directory says: Jason Bourne is a masterful expert in Kali martial arts. He is seen using it in the movies and video game. Further, amongst his weapons are listed are: Jeet Kune Do Krav Maga Kali Martial Arts Finally, the page about the game Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy says: As a third-person espionage action game, players move ...


As I understand it, there isn't much overlap at all. That scene is effectively a "flash forward", a teaser to the events of the sequel, shown well out of chronological order. If you remove that final scene, then the movies take place in sequence, one almost immediately after the other. At the end of Bourne Supremacy, Jason escapes from the assassin the CIA ...


Here is the clip in question. There is the allusion that Nicky and Jason were in a relationship before the events of The Bourne Identity. Logistically it makes sense, because they were both stationed in Paris, and undoubtedly Jason would have had contact with Nicky, since she was his handler.


I believe it's a Hollywood blend based on a Filipino style called Kali but I'm afraid I don't have any supporting links, do seem to remember something in one of the directors commentaries (or a extra) from Identity?


I think it was to pull the team away from Landy so she could proceed to 41571 without hassle. You'd assume he's already worked out that code and anticipates she would go there. And they want him don't they? Not her. The bit that confuses me is why Vosen chooses to go into the field rather than conduct the operation from his office.


I just finished watching the first three Bourne films (in preparing for the new one). They provide you with enough material to piece together every sequence of events and their underlying motives, I found, except in this case. I never found an explicit explanation for why he gave up his location. However, prior to breaking into Vosen's office Bourne saw ...


The movie's name is drawn from the novel of the same title by Robert Ludlum. In the novel, the "ultimatum" is the final set of conditions concocted by the evil mastermind, Carlos the Jackal, to crown his life's work. They are to (1) destroy the KGB spy center that trained Carlos himself, and (2) kill Jason Bourne. These goal conditions are an ultimatum to ...


The first four movie titles mirror the book titles verbatim. The movie is called The Bourne Ultimatum because the book has that title. I have no proof to justify this other than to point out that it would be an extraordinary coincidence that the first three movies and the three books by Robert Ludlum happen to have the same titles when their plots are so ...

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