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Did the Dude ever have an occupation other than unemployed?

There is a scene in the movie where the Dude tries to remember his most notable accomplishments in life. It can be seen (in poor quality) on YouTube here, and here's a transcript: MAUDE: Tell me ...
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Did the Dude ever have an occupation other than unemployed?

Did you ever hear of "The Seattle Seven"? Mmm. That was me... and six other guys That's about as close as it comes, I think.
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How did they shoot the bowling ball scene in The Big Lebowski?

From Quora By Matt Burwood: To achieve the point-of-view of a rolling bowling ball the Coen brothers mounted a camera "on something like a barbecue spit", according to Ethan, and then ...
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The Big Lebowski -- the dog character arc

It's all the same dog, and it's basically just a goof. The dog following them to Lebowski's house after Bunny comes back is Walter's dog according to the official script (and also in this script ...
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What does Jesus wear on his hand?

This is a Storm Gizmo wrist support bowling glove:
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Did the Dude ever get paid?

We don't know El Duderino is not paid during the course of the film. He does "receive" a rug from the Big Lebowski (which is later repossessed by Maude), and I believe he keeps their clunky ...
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Big Lebowski vs Barbie Girl question

Barbie Girl was released in May 1997. Principal photography on The Big Lebowski wrapped in April 1997. So it's a coincidence.
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What are Walter and Donny's occupations (when the events in the movie are unfolding)?

During first scene at the bowling alley, Donny is wearing a cleaning company’s jacket: This tells me he is a janitor/cleaner
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Was The Dude wearing Donny's bowling shirt?

Donny's full name was Theodore Donald Kerabatsos. According to a local newspaper in Akron, Ohio, the "Medina Sod" bowling shirt The Dude wears in the movie is a real 1960s bowling shirt found in a ...
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What's Saddam Hussein doing in the Dude's dream?

In a footnote of his essay The Big Lebowski: The First Gulf War and Masculinity, Daniel Keyes reports on a comment of George Bush senior’s pronunciation of “Saddam” in The Demonic Comedy: Some Detours ...
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How old is the Dude?

If what he says about helping to write the Port Huron Statement is true, he would have had to have been college age in 1962 when it was written. So I'm thinking he was at least 47 when the movie took ...
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What is the meaning of the phrase 'sometimes the bar eats you' in The Big Lebowski?

This phrase appears in a slightly truncated form in the screenplay. It's not "bar", it's "bear". As Walt has pointed out in his excellent answer, this is a fairly commonly-known ...
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Why did The Dude hate The Eagles so much?

I'm from New Jersey. Specifically I grew up two towns away from Asbury Park, the town (which I live in and am typing this from) which is synonymous with Bruce Springsteen. He is a legend here. Like ...
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What is the correct, full Lenin quote that the Dude fails to deliver? Here is a link to the Pravda article that V.I. Lenin wrote.
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