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The 100 is a science fiction television show, airing on the CW, about a group of humans attempting to repopulate the Earth after a nuclear war made it uninhabitable.

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction television show, airing on the CW network, that depicts a group of humans, born and raised in orbiting space stations, attempting to return to Earth to repopulate it after a nuclear war destroyed most of civilization. The show is loosely based on a series of novels of the same name.

The "100" in the show's title were 100 criminals, all young adults, that were sent to Earth from the orbiting station in order to ascertain if the ground was habitable or not. Upon reaching the ground, the 100 settlers encounter numerous problems, including dangerous plant and animal life, internal squabbles over self-governance, and eventually, multiple populations of humans who survived the war and still live on Earth.

The show primarily follows the life of Clarke (Eliza Taylor), the effective leader of the original 100 in her attempts to keep the space-born humans alive. Later in the series, when the remaining humans arrive on the ground, it also follows the former leaders Abby (Clarke's mother and current Chancellor), Jaha (former Chancellor, who abandons the bulk of the settlers to search for a fabled "promised land"), and Kane (former Chancellor) as they attempt to manage the human settlers.

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