Terra Nova (Fox: 10.1 million, 3.6): Some in the industry feel Fox made a mistake not picking up this ambitious drama for a second season. I agree. Terra Nova managed the rare feat of delivering a sizable family audience to a broadcast drama, found its legs creatively in its final hours and there was nothing else like it on TV. Cost was a factor, but so was ...


It was just too expensive for the relatively small number of viewers and networks are very sensitive to that sort of thing: DailyMail.co.uk Terra Nova, which stars British actress Shelley Conn and Avatar star Stephen Lang, struggled to pull in ratings that justified its massive budget. It averaged an audience of around 7.5 million for each episode in ...


This phrase must not be taken in a butterfly effect way. You can't change what already happened in the future. But the "past" is where the last of resources are. It's like saying "Control the oil in middle east, control the world"

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