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Did Spielberg have any involvement in filming Star Wars?

Spielberg was busy directing Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the time. While they discussed their projects, Prior to [Star Wars's] release, George Lucas showed an early cut of the film to ...
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Why does Steven Spielberg use this type of effect in his films?

Spielberg has a number of techniques that you can spot him using in many of his films. In fact, there is at least one website that examines 15 of his common techniques. One of my favorites, for ...
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Did Spielberg have any involvement in filming Star Wars?

Steven Spielberg is listed as a guest director in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. However, he has ruled out directing an entire SW movie, as stated here: "I've asked [Lucas]. He won't let me do ...
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Why the T-Rex always attack at the rainy night in the first two films?

The scene for the first movie at least is a mixture of Animatronics and CGI. CGI being used for whole body shots. By setting the scene at night in the rain with few light sources, it made the job of ...
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Cliff drop in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Its nothing other than fantastical movie geography. For starters, Marion is told something akin to the 'desert stretching for weeks in every direction' should she wish to escape Tannis on foot. ...
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