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Why does Chancellor Gorkon think Shakespeare was Klingon?

It was a Klingon propaganda device. The Klingons apparently appreciated the works of Shakespeare so much that they 'retconned' him to be one of their own poets rather than a human from Earth. From ...
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Why doesn't Dr. McCoy know Klingon anatomy?

I don't think the whole problem was ever explained and I guess in the end it's really just a plot device, especially considering how often McCoy scanned and treated alien lifeforms without any ...
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What plays are the Shakespeare quotes in Star Trek VI from?

But I am constant as the northern star,     Julius Caesar Act 3 Scene 1 Page 4 To be or not to be?     Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1 The undiscovered country   &...
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Why are there so many clocks on the bridge of the Enterprise in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country?

Quite plausible Your theory, that the clocks are there to effectively lock down the editing, seems plausible. Not only does it actually accomplish that goal, it seems that the production of The ...
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