Being a Navy engineering vet myself (MM2), "wee bout" and "shore leave" put together suggests a wild night of partying followed by a bad hangover. The STD thing has never jived with me for several reasons: His age. His character. He's an engineer. We engineer types are reclusive in nature and like to hang out with other engineers (even at the bars), and we ...


I would say that this quote actually works on two levels. The first level is, I feel, the more obvious one. It is meant to imply that, even at the moment of death, the character (Midshipman 1st Class Peter Preston) is ever the professional. His concern, even then, is for the ship and fulfilling his role. He is still looking to his captain for orders. The ...


I think the scene is a call-back to an earlier one, the one shown around the three-minute mark in this video: KIRK: Well, Mister Scott, are your cadets capable of handling a minor training cruise? SCOTT: Give the word, Admiral! KIRK: Mister Scott, the word is given. SCOTT: Aye sir. Also note the ...


Scotty was hungover. It's simple. In the original series we see Mr Scott enjoy a drink or make references to one. While on shore leave, he drank too much.


Khan wanted the Enterprise intact. He was hoping that Kirk would rather give the ship up than see it potentially destroyed in the Nebula. The purpose of the warning shot was to let Kirk know they would further engage if he kept running. Obviously, it didn't work. Primarily because there was no way that Kirk was going to give up his ship.


In the book version of the movie, written by Vonda McIntyre, it's explained the Scotty had suffered a heart attack. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-II-Wrath-Khan/dp/0356086879


He is asking for permission to relinquish his duties through death - Kirk gives him permission to die.


I thought it too was a reference to Scotty being a workaholic because of this scene from "The Trouble With Tribbles". Capt. Kirk: Another technical journal, Scotty? Scott: Aye. Capt. Kirk: Don't you ever relax? Scott: I am relaxing. In other words, Scotty loves him some Enterprise and can't stand to be away from it. Having to take shore leave is not ...

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