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Are multiple scenes filmed at the same time?

Someone might be able to find specific info for Star Trek, but there is no general rule in the industry. Scenes are rarely shot in order. They are shot according to actor and set/location availability....
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Why was Ezri Dax the polar opposite of Jadzia Dax?

Well, remember that Trill hosts being super different was part of Dax's whole backstory - it was a pretty huge deal. Curzon Dax was very different from Jadzia Dax. And I'm pretty sure that Jadzia also ...
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Why does the Federation require a rental agreement?

The Federation is acting on behalf of the Bajoran government, and Sisko is appointed to run the station on that basis. Memory Alpha Following the Cardassian withdrawal, the Bajoran Provisional ...
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Why was Michael Dorn in Star Trek DS9 and not someone else from TNG?

Here is an interview with Michael Dorn on TrekNews. He opens with the line "It was just a backstory." Which maybe means it wasn't intended to be long term. Can you talk about some of the ...
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If everyone uses replicator, why do tailors still exist?

Tailors exist in Star Trek for the same reason tailors exist in real life. Both replicated clothing and real world clothing are made from patterns. Bodies, however, are not made from patterns.1 ...
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If everyone uses replicator, why do tailors still exist?

First, if you have watched Deep Space Nine thoroughly, you know that Garak is much more than a simple tailor. But that said, you are right: In theory, you can program a replicator to make the exact ...
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Are multiple scenes filmed at the same time?

A competitor of sorts to Star Trek, Babylon 5, did some amount of this. There were always significant cost pressures, and so one of the things they did was plot out when different sets would be ...
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Are multiple scenes filmed at the same time?

In the television world, Star Trek is what is known as a "single camera" show. There is literally just one camera, and there will only be one scene filmed at a time. But ironically, even if ...
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How did he know about the mountain lion?

This is brought up in the novel "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry" by Olivia Woods. (Clearly that plot hole had niggled at the author too!). Dax first speculates that this was a ...
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Has Federation medical science really allowed for males to carry a child?

While nothing definitive can be determined, I would say "yes they could probably do it" - as a guess, and "no", the show clearly implies that a woman is the more logical choice. The dialogue implies ...
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Watching guide for DS9

I can't provide much more than a lmgtfy answer, but I've been following a mix of the following two watchlists DS9 in 82.5 hours and DS9 Condensed. They list the episodes in the weaker first two ...
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How did he enter the locked room?

It’s actually given in plain sight at the murder scene, although we don’t realise it then. The door was opened twice : First time for the checkin Second time 13 minutes later … “we have to assume ...
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Are multiple scenes filmed at the same time?

As a teen I was an extra on an episode of a popular fantasy show shot in New Zealand. The process was quite interesting, especially as a fan of the show. This show used a second unit to film distant, ...
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