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Cartman was letting Kyle to get external help only to get him fooled. Similar to Cow boy and the Tiger story. From what happens in the episode, we can assume that Cartman had two plans to execute. Call a friend and ask them to help him in the plan. Take a promise not to spill the secret to anyone. If they don't agree with him, let them go call the police ...


Cartman himself never actually changed, persay. He's still the sadistic pyschopath he always used to be. The only difference now, besides the changing in humour style of the show makers and what is tolerable by the ever changing political correctness culture of the viewership (of which the show spends a great deal of time parodying.), is that Cartman has ...


After thinking it over for a while, I finally have an answer: Is there any substantial evidence, not theoritical, to prove Cartman secretly cares for Kyle or sees him in a romantic light? No- however, there is evidence to back up a very clear fixation- a fixation that has led to others such as the groups above theorizing his feelings to be something...more. ...

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